The Nut Milk Lady | What is a nut milk cleanse ?
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What is a nut milk cleanse ?

– A nut milk cleanse is a type of diet that involves consuming only nut or seed milk from organic nuts or seed in an attempt to lose weight and detoxify the body. … Nut Milk juicing involves squeezing the juices from nuts and seeds and separating them from the pulp.

What’s included in this cleanse

Free consultations are available to find out which nut/seed juices are right for you

Professional online health assessment to find out your nutritional deficiencies

Discuss long-term or short term health goals

5 160z bottles of fresh nut/seed milk juices for a 1 week cleanse

Provide you with an individualized road-map that will give you results as long as you stay committed.

Personal weekly e-news letters to motivate you to stay the course for 1 month

A Health Book written by me Celeste London

Contact me only serious inquires only

Celeste L
The Nut Milk Lady
Dairy Intolerant & Hormone
Nutrition Coach

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